American Nut Job Attracts Desi Crazies

A group of Indians in New Jersey has jumped on billionaire racist nut job Donald Trump’s bandwagon and set up a Political Action Committee to support the Republican candidate’s 2016 presidential campaign.

Called Indian-Americans for Trump 2016, the Political Action Committee filed a registration with the Federal Election Commission on January 21, 2016.

Headquartered at Warren (NJ), Indian-Americans for Trump 2016 has Professor Amar D. Amar of Seton Hall University as president, Long Island lawyer Anand Ahuja as vice-president and businessman Devendra Makkar as treasurer.

The FEC ID No for the new PAC is C006605691.

Donald Trump - Republican Presidential Candidtate

Trump – Racist Nut

A crude racist buffoon given to wild rants against Mexicans, journalists, Muslims, women and the handicapped, Trump has so far shown only limited grasp over complex subjects and repeatedly demonstrated little tolerance for dissent.

Just the other day, Trump had a Sikh thrown out of his campaign rally in Muscatine, Iowa for carrying a banner saying “Stop Hate.”

It’s a depressing reflection on American politics, the Republican Party and the American people that this lout is currently the front-runner in the Republican primaries.

Donald Trump’s sole claim to fame is the billions he has made in his real estate ventures.

Although Trump bombastically touts his business record at every campaign rally, the real estate mogul’s ventures have filed for bankruptcy on multiple occasions.

Unless Ted Cruz or Jeb Bush can stage a miracle over the next few months, Trump will likely end up as the Republican party’s nominee for the 2016 U.S. presidential elections.

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