Amish Patel Sentenced to 12 and Half Years in Prison for DWI Crash that Killed NJ Couple

Amish Patel (31), of Delanco, NJ sentenced January 16, 2020 to 12 and half years in prison for causing the deaths of a married New Jersey couple (Robert Stephens, 52, and his wife Janet, 50, of Burlington Township) during a collision on the evening of January 13, 2018.

Amish Patel, Photo Courtesy - Burlington County Prosecutor's OfficeAmish Patel
(Photo Courtesy – Burlington County Prosecutor’s Office)

The vehicular collision of Amish Patel’s BMW 440 with the victim’s minivan occurred in the jug handle at Route 130 northbound and Bridgeboro Road in Willingboro Township of Burlington County.

Amish Patel was driving while intoxicated and was traveling at over 100 mph which is double the posted speed limit of 50 miles per hour.

According to the case documents:

…Patel had been drinking and at the time of the accident was travelling at more than double the posted speed limit, which is 50 miles per hour along that stretch of Route 130.

The investigation revealed that at approximately 4:30 p.m., the Stephens’ minivan was stopped in the jug handle waiting to cross Route 130 onto Bridgeboro Road when Patel, who was traveling northbound on Route 130, lost control of his BMW 440, entered the jug handle and crashed into the minivan.

The force of the impact propelled the minivan over the guardrail and down an embankment, where it submerged into a body of water that is part of Olympia Lakes. Autopsies revealed that both victims had drowned.

Charges and Guilty Plea

Amish Patel was charged with two counts of Vehicular Homicide (Second Degree) and Driving While Intoxicated for the deaths of Robert Stephens, 52, and his wife Janet, 50, of Burlington Township, on January 13, 2018.

New Jersey Indian Amish Patel pleaded guilty November 21, 2019 to causing the deaths of Robert Stephens, 52, and his wife Janet, 50, of Burlington Township in the vehicular collision.

Amish Patel (31), of Delanco, NJ must serve 85 percent of the sentence i.e., at least 10 years before becoming eligible for parole.

The 12 and half years New Jersey state prison sentence of Amish Patel was handed down in Superior Court in Mount Holly.

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