New Jersey Horoscope and Astrology Services

Indians are Indians whether they are in Middlesex county of New Jersey or in Mumbai India when it comes to find out the Rahu Kalam or finding an auspicious day for starting a business or performing a puja or wedding.

Horoscope Reading

To cater to the cultural requirements of Indians in New Jersey, a few astrologers and Hindu priests offer horoscope reading, perform house warming ceremonies, weddings, car puja, or fix auspicious time for opening a new business or perform a puja or wedding.

Here are a few Indian astrologers in New Jersey providing puja and astrology services:

Amit Shah
3 Lincoln Hwy, Ste 100
Edison, NJ 08820
Ph: 732-767-9597

Kunjvihari Pathak
Ph: 732-549-5778