Biryani Pot Jersey City – Not a Bad Deal

When it comes to the spicy rice treat Dum Biryani, the Little India stretch on Newark Avenue in Jersey City is an embarrassment of riches.

The half-mile stretch has four specialized Dum Biryani places (Biryani Pot, Bawarchi Biryani, Paradise Biryani and Sri Biryani).

In addition, other restaurants like Deccan Spice and Vaibhav also offer Dum Biryani as part of their extensive menu.

Biryani Pot Newark Ave, NJ Image © Sagar.comBiryani Pot
824 Newark Ave, Jersey City, NJ 07306

Since I have an abiding love for all things Dum Biryani, I placed an order of my favorite rice item during my recent visit to Newark Avenue in Jersey City, NJ.

I choose Biryani Pot based on my previous bad experiences with a few of the other restaurants.

Biryani Pot Jersey City Image © Sagar.comBiryani Pot Inside

In retrospect, it was a wise move as Biryani Pot’s Dum Biryani turned out to be decent.

My Biryani Pot Order

Biryani Pot is a typical Newark Avenue Indian restaurant, i.e. lacking much of an ambience.

The restaurant was near empty during the peak lunch hour except for one group of desi youngsters digging into their lunch.

Biryani Pot Jersey City Hyderabad Vegetable Dum Biryani Image © Sagar.comHyderabad Dum Vegetable Biryani

I quickly placed a takeout order for Hyderabad Vegetable Dum Biryani ($8.99).

It took about 15 minutes for the Hyderabad Vegetable Dum Biryan bag to reach my hands.

Here’s my take on Biryani Pot’s Hyderabad Dum Vegetable Biryani:

To put it in one word, Biryani Pot’s Vegetable Dum Biryani is decent.

There are several things in favor of Biryani Pot’s Vegetable Dum Biryani:

  • First, the Hyderabadi Vegetable Dum Biryani packed a good level of heat and spice. It was neither under-spiced nor over-spiced.
  • Second, it looked attractive with a nice sprinkling of sliced onions and lime pieces.
  • Third, Basmati rice was cooked to perfection and absorbed the Biryani spices well.
  • Fourth, Biryani Pot’s Vegetable Biryani included cut green beans, green bell pepper, diced carrots and green peas.
  • Fifth, the serving size was decent for $8.99.

With the right proportion of oil, spices and chopped onion, Biryani Pot’s Vegetable Dum Biryani endeared itself to my spice hardened South Indian palate.

The Not So Good

While I enjoyed the Dum Biryani, the two sides that came with the Biryani turned out to be disappointing.

Raita was way too sour, watery and included too little onion.

Also, the takeout was packed badly and the watery Raita leaked all over the plastic bag.

No Mirchi Ka Salan

Another disappointment was the missing Mirchi Ka Salan, which is supposed to come with the Biryani (see menu below).

Biryani Pot Jersey City Hyderabad Vegetable Dum Biryani Image © Sagar.comBiryani Pot Dum Biryani Menu

Instead, I got a watery Peanuts based gravy that was definitely not Mirchi Ka Salon. The gravy did not include either mirchi or the medium thick salan gravy.

Also, service is below par at Biryani Pot. The guy at the counter packed my takeout order badly despite my requesting him to double bag it and make sure the boxes are sealed tightly. The watery Raita leaked all over the bag turning it into a big mess.

Spoons, napkins and plates were not included with my takeout order proving yet again that Indian restaurants and cheapo tactics go hand in hand.

Biryani Pot Jersey City Rating

Biryani Pot on Newark Avenue in Jersey City serves a deliciously spicy Hyderabadi Vegetable Dum Biryani. The serving size is decent.

But service needs to improve and the restaurant should train counter staff in packing takeout orders properly. – ©

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