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Bombay Wok Hillsborough NJ Review
(By Tiramisu)

Bombay Wok
424 Rt 206
(Boro Center)
Hillsborough, NJ 08844

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bombay wok indian restaurant

Bombay Wok Hillsborough NJ: Neither Cheeni nor Desi, Khaas Baat Nahi

A recent addition to the ethnic eats scene in Hillsborough is Bombay Wok, located at 424 Rt.206 a.k.a Boro Center.

This is a pretty busy section of Rt.206.

Previously at the same location there was a pizzeria called "Desis Pizza". Not the Asian Indian kind of desi.

Bombay Wok has two other locations, one in Edison and the other in North Brunswick.

The food they serve is of the Asian Fusion kind, according to their menu and website.

We decided to try their Weekend Buffet priced at $12.95.

The parking lot was nearly full, there is a hair dresser next door, an ice cream store and other businesses in the same strip mall.


The decor is conservative, nothing fancy.

The brick oven from the previous pizzeria is hidden behind the reception.

The buffet trays are laid out on the left side of passageway as we enter, it felt a bit odd to run into food trays just by the entrance door.

We were greeted in and promptly seated, our glasses were filled with water quickly.

Buffet Spread

The Buffet spread was generous, featuring both dry and gravy dishes.

The salad was standard fare - lettuce, carrots and some tomatoes with two kinds of dressing.

Coriander Soup

There were two kinds of soup on the menu, sweet corn soup and coriander vegetable noodle soup.

The coriander soup was green in color. Seldom have we seen a thin soup that looks green.

The soup has julienned carrots, cabbage and mushrooms in it.

Bombay Wok coriander soup ©
Coriander Soup

It was very mild in terms of spice but we didn't find any evidence of coriander.

There was no physical presence of coriander in the soup and our noses/palate certainly didn't detect the flavor.

Why couldn't they at-least garnish the soup with finely chopped coriander leaves we were left wondering.

Tofu, Spring Rolls

Vegetable spring rolls and Chilli Fried Tofu were amongst the vegetarian items on offer.

The Vegetable spring rolls were nice, golden brown, crisp and fresh.

The Chilli Fried Tofu was fried up with some red sauce and chillies.

Bombay wok Chicken Drums Chilli Tofu ©
Chicken Drums (top right) Tofu (top left)
Spring Roll (bottom left) Salad (bottom right)

The Tofu had developed a little bit of a skin, but we expect that to happen anytime Tofu is fried on high heat.

We were expecting it to be at-least mildly hot with the dish called 'chilli' fries.

But it was not even mildly spicy or hot for us.

We suspect that the restaurant has pegged their buffet fare at the lowest end of the heat and spice scale to cater to the general population in Hillsborough.

Hillsborough has a growing Indian population but it is certainly not comparable to the Edison, Iselin, No/So/East Brunswick's.

When we find a handful of dishes titled 'chilli' we expect some amount of orificial piquancy during the repast and the day after...sadly not in Bombay Wok's case.

Might work for effete palates but didn't cut it for us.

Adding hot sauce at the table isn't quite the same as cooking with hot spices.

Drums of Heaven

Drums of Heaven is chicken drumsticks fried in some fusion masala.

By fusion masala, we mean the masalas of the Indo-Chinese genre usually found in Indian grocery stores with names like 'Cheng's Schezwan masala mix'.

Anyone who has read the ingredients in these spice combinations will notice that these packets are a veritable mix of dozens of chemical ingredients that could rival Assad's chemical weapons armaments.

We try to steer clear of these Indo-Chinese fusion ready-mix packages as much as we can.

However, with scant regard for high sodium and Aji-no-moto (MSG), we gorged on the Drums of Heaven.

These drumsticks weren't quite the ambrosia that is doled out in heaven, but weren't in the served in hell category either.

We liked them though discerning drumstick fans might find it to be on the slightly dry side.

Chilli Gobi, Chilli Chicken

With our mouths driveling for some spicy grub, we sank our molars into the Chilli Gobi and Chilli Chicken next.

Both the dishes were overcooked, non-spicy and mushy.

There was no crunch or bite in either of the two dishes.

Since we haven't yet reached the dentures phase of life, we like to bite and chew our food and enjoy the textures.

Chilli Gobi and Chilli Chicken also seemed to share some flavor traits with the previous dishes we had, we suspected that there is common spice base that was being used across many of the dishes.

Bombay wok Chilli Gobi, Chilli Chicken Lamb ©
Chilli Gobi(top left) Chilli Chicken (top right)
Lamb (bottom right) Black Bean Chicken (bottom left)

Black Bean Chicken

The Black Bean Chicken fell into the above average category, there were a lot of black specks in the dish which we assumed was the black bean.

We certainly could not taste or detect the flavor of the black bean, we would have preferred whole black bean in the dish or the chicken be cooked in fermented black bean paste like the real Chinese.

A mere dusting of black bean doesn't qualify the dish strongly, it was just a decent chicken dish for us.

Again not spicy enough...for us atleast.

Bangkok Lamb

The Bangkok Lamb was good, a generous amount of shredded lamb and vegetables cooked in a Indo-Asian sauce.

The flavor of the lamb was strong in the dish.

This was a good preparation, went well with rice or eaten alone.

The dish had a decent amount of vegetables in it as well.

We also noticed that in the dishes which had vegetables they did not skimp on the veggies.

Penang Curry

Vegetable Penang Curry was a yellow curry dish cooked with a lavish amount of coconut milk.

It had a nice mix of vegetables in it.

Bombay wok Penang Curry, Hakka Noodles, Fried Rice ©
Penang Curry (top right) Fried Rice (top left)
Hakka Noodles (bottom)

But we found the dish sweet for our taste.

The generous amount of coconut milk made for a thick gravy that could be had with white rice.

But we would have preferred that they had cut the sweetness of the coconut milk with some hot chillies.

Lacking taste balance and for playing just one note, this dish did not get a 'facebook like' from us.

Hakka Noodles, Fried Rice

Hakka Noodles and Veg Fried rice were in the excellent category.

The noodles were nicely stir fried with a generous dose of julienned vegetables.

No Desserts

We were bummed not to find any dessert on the buffet menu.

Rather strange in our opinion.

Bombay Wok Hillsborough Rating

On a final note, there were a few hits but more misses than hits.

Considering that and the fact that this cuisine is generally laden with factory produced sauces we will not be back soon. - ©

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