NJ Woman Files Henna Lawsuit

Camden (NJ) resident Althea Saunders (53) has sued Cooper University Hospital alleging that she was wrongfully disciplined for wearing Henna markings on her hand. Henna (made from dried leaves of the Henna plant) is widely used by Hindu and Muslim women to decorate their hands and feet. The orange decorations from Henna usually disappear a […]

Nita and Kirtish Patel Plead Guilty to Massive NJ Health Care Fraud

Nita K. Patel (53) and her husband Kirtish N. Patel (53) of Rockaway, New Jersey, pleaded guilty November 17, 2015 before U.S. District Judge William H. Walls in Newark federal court to health care fraud. The two Patels, who owned a mobile diagnostic testing company (Biosound), have admitted receiving over $4.3 million from Medicare and […]

Hinduism – A Short Glossary

Hinduism – A Short Glossary

Given its vast scope and variety, a comprehensive glossary of Hinduism would likely run into hundreds of pages. Instead of writing a tome, we offer below a short glossary of some key terms (and famous people) in Hinduism: * Ayodhya – Birthplace of Lord Ram * Bhakti – Devotion * Brahma – Creator * Bhagavad […]

2 NJ Muslim Groups Blast Paris Attacks

A Muslim organization in Monmouth Junction (NJ) has condemned the Paris terror attacks as “a tragic crime against humanity.” The Islamic Society of Central Jersey said the “senseless violence is totally unacceptable and against every value and tradition of all faiths. The Islamic State has taken responsibility for the multiple terror attacks in Paris that […]

Indians in New Jersey – A Profile

New Jersey is home to huge numbers of Indian-Americans. There are pockets like Oak Tree Road and Newark Avenue in New Jersey where the only faces you’ll encounter are Indian mugs and the inviting aroma of curry assaults your nostrils. Little India on Newark Ave, Jersey City Indians have been pouring into New Jersey for […]

Oak Tree Road – Mini India in Edison

Oak Tree Road – Mini India in Edison

I bet there’s not a single Indian in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland and Virginia who’s not heard of Oak Tree Road. Oak Tree Road Indian Restaurants, Fashion & Jewelry Stores Snaking its way through the towns of Iselin and Edison in Middlesex County, Oak Tree Road is a beehive of […]

Teach Your Kids Basics of Hinduism

Teach Your Kids Basics of Hinduism

Hinduism is known for being inclusive and tolerant. – Rasamandala Das Religions of the World – Hinduism by Rasamandala Das Although New Jersey is blessed with several fine Hindu temples, many people in the state are still not familiar with this great religion. At first glance, Hinduism seems like the most confusing religion since there’s […]

Gujju Crook Vijay Patel Pleads Guilty

Morris County desi Vijay Patel has pleaded guilty to health care fraud in a scheme to bill for diagnostic testing services he did not render and to enable a cardiologist to evade Medicare program’s pre-payment review of his claims. Vijay Patel is owner of a diagnostic testing facility in Parsippany called Mobile Diagnostic Testing of […]

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