10 Tricky English Words

English abounds in words that confuse the bejesus out of people. Who amongst us is not torn between forego and forgo or confused over the difference between ingenious and ingenuous when writing an essay! In this post, I’ve picked a bunch of English words that frequently flummox the best of us. 1. Idol, Idle, Idyll […]

Blue Book of Grammar – Solid

Blue Book of Grammar – Solid

Let’s be honest and confess to a distressing truth, embarrassing thought it might be. Even the best educated of us New Jersey desis are not grammar pros. We stumble frequently, both in writing and speaking. We mix up our tenses or use the wrong verbs or pronouns. As I was scouting for books to bolster […]

Will an Indian Win the Somerset County Scripps Spelling Bee?

Somerset County’s young Indians must be feverishly preparing for SCLSNJ Bee Spectacular, a county¬≠-wide Scripps Spelling Bee competition for children grades 3¬≠-8. New Jersey Indians take the Scripps Spelling Bee very, very seriously and have tried hard to take the top honors at the national level every year. But they have failed so far. Will […]