Patel, Mehta Plead Guilty to Smuggling Indian Nationals

Indian nationals Nileshkumar Patel (42) and Harsad Mehta (68) pleaded guilty today in Newark for their role in illegally transporting two Indians into the United States via commercial airline flights. Patel and Mehta were each charged with one count of conspiracy to smuggle foreign nationals into the United States for commercial advantage and private financial […]

No Surprise! Air India Among Top 3 Worst Airlines of 2016

No Surprise! Air India Among Top 3 Worst Airlines of 2016

In what must come as no surprise to New Jersey desis, Air India has made it to FlightStats‘ list of Worst Airlines in 2016 for its poor on-time record. For 2016, Air India was the third worst airline for its pathetic on-time performance. Going by FlightStats’ figures, the odds of a delay on a long-haul […]

Ganesh Parkar Charged with Sex Assault on Air India Flight

Windsor, NJ resident Ganesh Parkar (40) is in big trouble over criminal charges filed against him for sexually assaulting a sleeping woman passenger on an Air India Flight from Mumbai to Newark, NJ. According to the complaint: While on a Dec. 21, 2016, Air India flight from Mumbai to Newark, Parkar moved from his ticketed […]

U.S. Consulate General Hyderabad to Get a New Complex

The U.S. State Department is slated to start construction of a new 12-acre multi-building complex for its Hyderabad Consulate General in high-tech area of the city in 2017. Besides a Consulate building, the new Hyderabad complex will include a Marine Security Guard Residence, support buildings and facilities for Consulate community. According to the U.S. Bureau […]

NJ Man Gets 5-year Prison Term for Importing Heroin From India

A Middlesex County New Jersey man is paying a heavy price for acting as a middleman for delivering a heroin package from India. Sayerville, NJ man Adolphus Nwokedi was sentenced today to 5-years and 3-months in prison for his role in a conspiracy to import heroin from India into the United States. Nwokedi was convicted […]

Vijay Patel Sued for Medicare Fraud

Morris County Desi and owner of Mobile Diagnostic Testing of NJ LLC of Parsippany Vijay Patel has been sued by the U.S. Government for submitting false claims to Medicare for diagnostic testing services he did not render. According to the civil complaint filed in the United States District Court for the District of New Jersey […]

Vinod Dadlani Gets 2-year Prison Term

Jersey City Indian jewelry store owner Vinod Dadlani has been sentenced to 24-months in prison for credit card fraud by U.S. District Judge Anne E. Thompson. Dadlani who pleaded guilty in June 2014, used his New Jersey jewelry store to further a massive credit card scheme involving several conspirators. Dadlani was the 17th person to […]

Crooked NJ Patels gets Long Prison Term for Healthcare Fraud

Nita Patel (53) and her husband Kirtish N. Patel (54) of Rockaway, New Jersey were sentenced to long prison terms following their conviction for healthcare fraud. U.S. District Judge William H. Walls imposed the stiff sentences in the Newark federal court on August 16, 2016. Kirtish N. Patel got a 100-month prison term while his […]

Patel Arrested in Ganja Case

Patel Arrested in Ganja Case

Ram, Ram, what’s happening to our people! In the third incident in the last five months, New Jersey police have arrested a desi on drugs related charges. This time, it’s Trupal Patel who landed in the arms of New Jersey police. Trupal Patel Arrested in Ocean County Brick Township’s Drug Enforcement Unit arrested Trupal Patel […]

NYC Indian Crook Penning Memoirs

NYC Indian Crook Penning Memoirs

Notorious Indian-American crook Rajat Gupta plans to put out his memoirs. Currently a resident of New York City, Rajat Gupta was until early January 2016 an inmate at the U.S. federal prison in Ayer, Massachusetts following his conviction of securities fraud in 2012. An IIT-Delhi alumnus and Harvard MBA, Rajat Gupta was once Chief Executive […]