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Chand Palace Piscataway

Chand Palace
1296 Centennial Avenue
Piscataway Township, NJ 08854

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chand palace piscataway

Chand Palace Piscataway Review: Horrid Food, Horrible Service

One of our most disappointing lunch experiences at an Indian restaurant in New Jersey recently was at Chand Palace on Centennial Ave in Piscataway, NJ.

After a disgusting meal made worse by by horrible service, dirty eating plates and cheap tipping practices, we were boggled by how this lousy dump a.k.a. Chand Palace (Piscataway) tays in business.

One of the many mysteries of our age.

Pathetic Food, Awful Dosas

A lot of what we tried at Chand Palace Piscataway was a complete mockery of Indian cuisine. As much connection to authentic Indian cuisine as Aishwarya Rai has to acting!

The two chutneys (Green Chutney and Coconut Chutney) were ice-cold, an unmistakable hint they weren't fresh. As if that were not bad enough, the Chutneys weren't in the least flavorful.

We hail originally from South India and if we know anything at all, it's our Dosas.

In many decades of eating Masala Dosa, we haven't had Dosas this crappy.

Forget palatable, Chand Palace's Dosas are not even edible.

Do these Chand Palace bozos even know to spell D O S A?

The miniscule Mysore Masala Dosa was not golden-brown but white, not crisp, the onion-potato filling not fresh and the Masala paste not the reddish chilli paste but a weird brown-colored stuff. No ifs, no buts, what we were offered was not a real Mysore Masala Dosa but a dirty trick was played on us by these swindlers.

Onion Chili Dosa consisted of a few forlorn looking onion pieces tucked inside the Dosa.

Horrid Sambar, Raw Alu Gobi

Folks, if there's one thing we hate in our meal, it's the taste of raw, uncooked food in our mouth.

Like for instance, the Alu Gobi Curry that found its way on to our plate.

Gobi (cauliflower) was only partially cooked and its raw odor and flavor left us fuming and hurling silent curses at the clueless idiots in Chand Palace's in the kitchen.

The watery Sambar was a clear instance of mislabeling as it was Rasam in all but name. You see, the cheapos at Chand Palace didn't add any Dal to the Sambar.

Saag Curry was a monstrosity we wouldn't offer to hogs. Awfully spicy with no sense of proportion, it could only have come from a clueless chef groping its way in the kitchen.

The watery Paneer Masala compounded our disappointment while Mixed Vegetable Curry was nothing to write home about.

Channa Masala in a medium-thick gravy was flavorless.

The crisp Vegetable Manchurian balls was one of the few satisfying items of our meal.

Bad Desserts, Lousy Coffee

we're not kidding but our nipples are bigger than Chand Palace's Gulab Jamuns.

Now, don't you schmucks start demanding for a display of our nipples but you do get get the message, right?

Rasmalai and Custard were both low on sugar. Were they meant for Diabetics or was the restaurant scrimping on sugar.

Pumpkin Halwa had a weird stale taste.

Complete Charlatans

These inept buffoons failed to get even our order of Mysore Coffee right.

After keeping us waiting 25 minutes for the coffee these shameless impostors had the audacity to serve us Instant Coffee.

We've been drinking Mysore Coffee for a million years and if what we were offered was Mysore Coffee then My Name is Sonakshi Sinha.

Scam artistes, these Chand Palace fellas.

When we asked to keep the itemized copy of the bill, they struck the Coffee and Masala Chai off our bill. Perhaps, they were belatedly ashamed at having served such bilge to diners.

But these scumbags add 15% gratuity to a lousy buffet lunch. A tip is given for exceptional food and fine service at the diner's discretion, not at the diktat of the restaurant for lousy food and crappy service. These cheating, greedy Chand Palace rascals are utterly bereft of shame!

Intolerable Service

Bad food at Chand Palace Piscataway is matched by offensive service.

One of our plates had yellow stains leading us to look for a clean one.

Much to our chagrin, Naan Bread was served toward the end of our meal although those pathetic Dosas came way earlier.

Our young waitress (yeah, the one in the crumpled white shirt) wore an angry scowl on her face leading us to wonder if it was that time of the month. Comprende?

When we asked her about the location of the dessert station, she glared at us and did not care to reply but merely motioned with her head. Whatever be the reason for her sullen mood, the clown has no business ruining paying diners' mood. If we were the owner, we'd have booted out such freaks.

When we told our waiter that we wished to keep the itemized bill, he looked surprised and confused like a deer caught in the headlights, then mumbled with difficulty 'I will receiving.' While we certainly don't expect waiters to be Shakespeares, we'd definitely like them to understand us and respond in basic English at least.

Grinning like a retard, the insouciant manager/owner in the striped shirt mumbled about the 'busy schedule' as if to explain the slow service.

Chand Palace Rating - Stay Away

Overall, Chand Palace Piscataway is a disgrace, a blot on the reputation of the famed Indian cuisine.

Run from this Chand Palace dump lest these inept buffoons ruin your meal and your day.

Not far from this Chand Palace impostor, two Indian restaurants Sukh Sagar (vegetarian) and Doon Indian Grill serve some good Indian food.

Hesitate not to show these Chand Palace bozos your middle finger with mucho gusto unless you take masochistic delight in bad Indian food and rude service. - ©

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