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Coridander Edison NJ

128 Talmadge Road
Edison Commerce Center
Edison, NJ 08817

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Coriander is now called Godavari

Coriander Edison Review: Spicy Delight in Edison NJ

Indian restaurants in New Jersey come mostly in three flavors - Bad, Ugly and Horrible.

But once in a blessed while, rare as the Halley's Comet, appears a restaurant like Coriander in Edison where the food sings with flavor, a spicy and delicious flavour that delights your heart and makes you believe, if only for a few short minutes, that all's well with the benighted world.

When we walked into Coriander around 12:30PM on a week day our expectations were not high because of the unsavory experience we had at Aachis, which occupied the same spot previously.

To our immense pleasure and gratification, much of the food we tasted at Coriander turned out to be spicy and tasty and to make it even better the tab was a mere $7.95.

Gosh, did we win the lotto.

Fine Indian Restaurant in Edison, NJ

Located in a strip mall on Talmadge Road in Edison, Coriander Cuisine offers a range of Andhra, Chettinadu and North Indian curries.

And gourmands that we are, we let our tastebuds rampage across the great Indian prairie of desi khaana, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian.

Spicy Onion Pakora, Tasty Chicken 65 and Good Utappam

Onion Pakora was spicy and crisp with right proportion of onion, chickpeas flour and chilli.

Coriander Cuisine is that rare Indian restaurants that serves spicy and tasty Onion Pakora. Most Indian restaurants in New Jersey and New York area serve bland and unpalatable Pakoras, be it Onion or otherwise.

For the carnivores amongst you, Chicken 65 (dry) is a treat whose fond memories linger long, long after the last bite. Spicy and flavorful, Coriander's Chicken 65 alone is worth a repeat trip to this fine Indian restaurant in Edison.

Utappam, a vegetarian favorite from South India, was medium thick with onion, green chilli and tomato pieces and tasted yummy, even without any accompaniment.

Just as we were complimenting ourselves on a fine find, Coriander skidded and oddly enough on a humble item - Sambar.

The Carrot and Tomato Sambar had multiple problems - It was low on tamarind, low on the sambar powder spices that gives the magic flavor to this South Indian dish and to make it all worse, was luke warm.

Flavorful Andhra Chicken Curry

We swear we saw glimpses of heaven in Coriander's Andhra Kodi Koora a.k.a Andhra Chicken Curry.

A popular item in the South Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, Kodi Koora is the kinda stuff that puts a spring in your steps, a smile to your face and zest to your life.

With tender chicken pieces in a medium-thick spicy gravy, the Kodi Koora was flavorful and tasted heavenly with plain rice.

Simply divine, folks.

Vegetarian Delights

Channa Masala set in a medium thick gravy was another spicy treat.

Ditto with the Cauliflower Tomato Curry. Although a little sour, the Cauliflower Tomato curry was still flavorful with a nice aroma.

Another vegetarian curry that we enjoyed mucho gusto with plain rice at Coriander was Spinach Dal with its subtle garlic seasoning.

But the tasteless, flavorless Carrot Dal fry was below par. Devoid of any seasoning, it tasted like boiled carrots had been added to boiled Channa Dal in a rush.

Heavenly Vegetable Biryani

Prepared with Beans, Carrot, Onion, Basmati rice, Biryani spices and, of course, lots of care, Coriander's Vegetable Biryani is easily one of the most delicious Biryanis that ever made contact with our taste buds.

Neither too oily nor too dry and with lots of vegetables, Coriander's spicy Vegetable Biryani was a tour de force.

Horrible Naan

One of the common problems at restaurants specializing in South Indian cuisine is that they serve horrible Naan bread. Coriander Cuisine is no exception. The Naan bread was way too hard and plain horrible.

Luckily the flavorful Vegetable Biryani and other fine Curries amply compensated for the horrible naan.

Delicious Rice Pudding

We topped off our flavorful meal at Coriander with a cup of delicious Rice Pudding/Kheer.

Most Indian restaurants in New Jersey/New York give short shrift to Rice Pudding. Mercifully, Coriander does not belong to that group.

With the rice set in warm thick milk accompanied by the nice aroma of cardamom and ghee seasoning, it seemed as if our cup of Rice Pudding/Kheer was a treat that was prepared for the very Gods but had accidentally been offered to us.

Friendly, Polite Service

As we walked into Coriander Cuisine around 12:30 pm the place was initially sparsely crowded but the people kept coming attesting to the restaurant's popularity in the area.

We were greeted with a friendly smile by our waiter Kumar from Hyderabad and shown a table quickly. Kumar removed the used plates promptly, filled our water glasses and got our check without making us wait.

Coriander Cuisine also has a nice practice of keeping the spoon, fork and knife on top of a napkin rather than directly on the table.

Coriander Edison - Rating

Folks, we heartily recommend Coriander Cuisine to all ye food loving desis its few misses nnotwithstanding.

Coriander's week day lunch buffet for $7.95 is a real steal and offers excellent value for your bucks - ©

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