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Curry On Newark Ave
Curry On
765 Newark Ave
Jersey City, NJ 07306

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curry on indian restaurant and lounge

Curry On Jersey City, NJ: Decent Indian Curries and Polite Service

The other day as I was traipsing down Newark Ave in Jersey City, a new sign-board Curry On Lounge and Restaurant met my eyes.

Wow, wasn't this where Village Indian restaurant used to be, I wondered.

Surprised, but keen as I ever am to try out a new Indian restaurant, I briskly marched into Curry On.

The restaurant was empty except for the wait staff. I was greeted by a smiling waiter and shown to a table promptly. The same waiter informed me that the Lunch Buffet was ready and I could start immediately.

I naturally opted for buffet as it provides a chance to taste a range of items at low cost.

It seems the management is the same as Village but the restaurant has gotten a new name and look.

Curry On Buffet

After a fulfilling meal at Curry On, I awarded the restaurant one of my rare thumbs up.

While there were no standout, out of this world items at Curry On, I enjoyed all their curries.

Be it Chicken or Vegetarian, they were all good.

Curry On's weekend Buffet items laid out a good spread except for the desserts.

The buffet included Assorted Pakoras, Hot and Sour Soup, Tandoori Chicken, Grilled Meat for appetizers, Chicken Makhani, Chicken Sesame, Goat Curry, Mixed Vegetable Curry, Vegetable Manchurian, Channa Saag, Dal Makhani for Vegetarian curries and Gajar Halwa for dessert.

There was also the standard Naan Bread, White Rice, Salad, Green Chutney and Tamarind Sauce condiments that you see at every Indian buffet station.

Assorted Pakoras

Assorted Pakoras included Spinach, Potato, Cauliflower, Mirchi Bajji and Onion Pakora.

curry on appetizers
Mixed Veg. Curry(left), Veg Manchurian (top), Pakoras (right)

Pakoras had a freshly prepared texture and were tasty but barely warm.

Green Chutney was spicy and enhanced the taste of Pakoras.


Hot and Sour soup was piping hot as it should be and included chopped green onion pieces.

curry on soup
Hot and Sour Soup

On a slightly chilly October morning, the tangy soup was more than soothing.

Grilled Meat

Grilled meat included Tandoori Chicken and Kebabs with cut lime and red bell pepper and sliced onion.

curry on tandoori chicken
Grilled Appetizers

Tandoori Chicken was juicy and well marinated.

I stuffed myself on these grilled treats until I couldn't stuff myself any more.

Chicken Entrees

Chicken Makhani was creamy with a slightly watery sauce.

The tender Chicken pieces absorbed the spices well.

curry on tandoori chicken
Chicken Makhani (left) and Chicken Sesame (top)

I enjoyed the Chicken Makhani though I prefer it a tad creamier.

Chicken Sesame with chopped green onion dressing was delicious but could have been spicier.

A complaint I have with most Indian restaurants in New Jersey when it comes to making food spicy is that they don't really seem to be cooking for the average Indian diner.

Veg. Entrees

Of the four vegetable curries I tried, Vegetable Manchurian appealed the most to my tastebuds.

While Channa Saag, Mixed Vegetable Curry and Dal Makhani fell in the good category, the tangy and slightly sour flavor of Vegetable Manchurian set itself apart.

curry on veg. curries
Dal Makhani (top) and Channa Saag (bottom right)

Channa Saag did not suffer from the raw flavor of spinach afflicting this dish at most Indian restaurants.

Also, unlike at a lot of Indian restaurants the humble Dal Makhani and Mixed Vegetable Curry did not receive step-motherly treatment. Both were flavorful and mucho relished with both Naan bread and White Rice.

It's a shame that most Indian restaurants in New Jersey serve boiled lentils and boiled vegetables with nary a flavor in the name of Dal Makhani and Mixed Vegetable curry respectively.

Naan Bread, Rice

Naan bread came piping hot to the table.

curry on bread
Naan Bread

I liked the fact that Curry On serves Naan bread at the table rather than dumping them at the buffet station.

Naan bread was soft and tasty.

Plain rice with green peas seasoning was hot and had a freshly prepared texture.

Gajar Halwa

While I enjoyed both Chicken and Vegetarian curries at Curry On, what disappointed me most was inclusion of just one dessert in the weekend lunch buffet.

In my opinion, when you pay $11.99 for a lunch buffet you must get at least two desserts.

curry on desserts
Gajar Halwa

Gajar Halwa was warm and included cashew nuts and dry grapes toppings.

It was a wee bit low on sugar and also had a slight raw flavor.

Despite the slight raw flavor, I'd still place it in the acceptable category thanks to the good quality ghee used in its preparation.

Ambience and Service

Curry On Lounge and Restaurant has the same rectangular dining hall like its predecessor, The Village.

As you enter the restaurant, you have tables on both sides. The cash counter, buffet station, bar and kitchen are at the rear.

The tables and chairs are new and look nice. The booth-like structure provides some privacy.

Dining plates were all crystal-clean and there was sumptuous quantity of food at the buffet station.

Without prompting, Naan bread was served at table within five minutes after I started eating.

Water glasses were refilled and used plates removed after checking with me. There were no service snafus.

Amid the endless dingy Indian restaurants on Newark Ave, Curry On is that rare Indian oasis in Jersey City that has a pleasing, clean ambience.

Curry On Rating - Go For It

If you crave good India curries, I recommend you give the Curry On Lunch Buffet a try.

You can take your date too without any hesitation as the booth type tables provide some degree of privacy.

Notwithstanding my minor irritation over the single dessert, Curry On is one of the few Indian Restaurants in New Jersey I'd consider revisiting. - ©

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