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Shahrukh and Kajol are back together!

Can you believe it!



Dilwale Review

OMG! When I first heard Dilwale was being made, I couldn’t contain my joy.

So you can guess my excitement level now that the film has hit the screens.

My pulse is racing, the heart beat is running amok and I’m leaking all over! 🙂

Seriously, but were Kajol and Shahrukh really away after DDLJ, the epochal Indian movie of the 20th century.

Hey, they even brought back “Raj” in Dilwale.

Now if you don’t get “Raj,” then you’re not really an Indian. No way!

What “Vijay” was to the oldies (pre-1980 born Indians), “Raj” is to the kids (post-1980 Indians).

Beautiful Romance

Folks, Dilwale is a beautiful Christmas and New Year’s gift from ace Bollywood director Rohit Shetty.

Shetty is the legend who has brought us timeless masterpieces like Chennai Express, Singham and Singham Returns.

Like his previous gems, Dilwale roars from the getgo.

Beautifully filmed in India and Bulgaria, Dilwale is a peerless saga of love, betrayal, love thwarted and finally, love found again.

Sharukh Khan plays the fearsome gangster Kaali (in Bulgaria) and later a quiet car remodeler (in Panjim).

Kajol is Meera, daughter of a rival Indian gangster in Bulgaria.

How charming that Bulgaria’s dreaded gangsters are all Indians!

In the 21st century, Indians are truly making giant strides in intolerance, software, corruption and now crime!

Their fathers might be deadly rivals but Raj and Meera have gifted their hearts to each other.

But fate wills otherwise and after 20-minutes of romance, one song and a deadly gun-fight between the father dons the petty Gods separate the love-birds.

I bet there was not a dry eye in the theater when the Kaali-Meera romance blew up.

And then the benevolent Gods bring them together 15 years later in Panjim.

While one romance in a Bollywood film would be cause for celebration, Dilwale packs two romances – Of two brothers (Sharukh Khan and Varun Dhawan) wooing two beautiful sisters (Kajol and Kriti Sanon).

Now dare tell me this is not an original idea.

Raj’s brother Veer (Varun Dhawan) and Kajol’s sister Ishika (Kriti Sanon) set the screen afire with their youthful romance in the shadow of their older siblings.

Three unconnected comedy tracks featuring Johnny Lever, Bomban Irani and Varun Sharma) are the icing on the Dilwale cake and repeatedly bring the house down.

Kajol is Aphrodite herself while Sharukh Khan looks like he had the blessings of the Oracle at the Delphi temple before shooting began!

This holiday season, in the battle royale between Hollywood’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Dilwale, the Indian film is the easy winner.

Dilwale marks a superb ending to all that was wonderful in 2015.

Rush to the theaters and watch this romantic classic not just once but twice and, your finances permitting, thrice.

Dilwale Rating4.75/5

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