Edison Hindu Temple Plans $1.5m Expansion

The Krishna temple in Edison (NJ) is seeking the help of its devotees to fund an ambitious $1.5 million expansion.

Krishna Vrundavana (located at 215 May Street, Edison) wants devotees to pitch in with money to finance the construction of a Garbha Gudi (inner shrine).

Hindu God Sri Krishna - File Picture

Garbha Gudi

The plan is for the Garbha Gudi to be built in India and assembled here in Edison with the help of Indian craftsmen.

If all goes well, the Garbha Gudi should be completed in 18-months.

Once the Garbha Gudi is completed, the temple plans to start the second phase of expansion.

In the second phase, the temple authorities intend to renovate the main entranceway and devotee facilities like racks, restrooms and the front-desk.

The temple estimates it will need $1.5 million to finance both phases of renovation and is asking devotees to contribute quarter-million dollars within the next 60-days (i.e. by mid-February 2016) so that craftsmen can start work on the Garbha Gudi in India.

Deities at Krishna Vrundavana include Krishna, Anjaneya (Hanuman) and Raghavendra.

New Jersey has so many Hindu temples that one wonders if all of them can survive for the long haul.

Besides the well funded the Bridgewater Venkateswara Temple and Swaminarayan temple in Robbinsville, there are several smaller temples in Jersey City, South Plainfield, Edison, Cherry Hill and other corners of the state.

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