Edison Pak Doctor in Sex Trouble

Middlesex County (NJ) neurologist Farooq Rehman (61) is in a big soup over allegations of sexual misconduct.

Rehman allegedly groped a 37-year-old female patient who sought treatment from him for weakness in her hand.

After reviewing a video and other evidence, a Committee of New Jersey’s Board of Medical Examiners (BME) has temporarily suspended Rehman’s medical license.

Dr. Farooq Rehman Neurologist Edison, NJDr. Farooq Rehman

During a hearing on November 13, 2015, the BME Committee found Rehman touched the woman in a way that “exceeded any appropriate neurological examination.”

The committee also found his actions particularly “insidious and furtive” because he committed the lewd acts under the guise of a necessary medical examination.

The license suspension follows Rehman’s arrest September 22, 2015 on charges of criminal sexual contact stemming from the same allegations.

Rehman is currently free on bail.

An immigrant from Pakistan, Rehman graduated from Peshawar Medical College in 1978.

Groping Charges

According to the complaint, Rehman allegedly “inappropriately and without medical justification, groped the patient’s buttocks, fondled her bare breasts, and touched her genital area over her clothing several times…for his own prurient interests” during a medical examination of the patient on August 26, 2015.

When the patient returned for a follow up visit on September 9th, she secretly recorded the examination on her cell phone.

NJ authorities say the video shows that during this second examination Rehman fondled her breasts, thighs, hips, and buttocks, and touched her genital area.

The complaint also alleges that Rehman, who became sexually aroused during both exams, ignored the woman’s repeated questions as to why this kind of touching was necessary for treatment of her hand.

NJ investigators with the Enforcement Bureau within the Division of Consumer Affairs are asking anyone with a complaint about Dr.Farooq Rehman to contact them at 973-504-6300.

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