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Gagan Bistro Marlton New Jersey

Gagan Bistro
150 Rt 73 North
Marlton, NJ 08053

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gagan bistro marlton nj

Gagan Bistro Marlton NJ : Bad Meat Dishes; Lousy Desserts; Decent Veg. Food

Bad as the service in most Indian restaurants are, rarely is it as lousy as in Gagan Bistro in Marlton, N.J. where the empty vessels on the buffet table are not replenished, where you don't even get a napkin before your meal, where the waiter doesn't check with you before yanking your plate and where the faucet in the men's rest-room is in bad shape.

Our waiter was waiting moving hither and thither like a headless chicken, but to little effect it seemed to us.

Bunch of Thieves

Like most Indian restaurants, the folks at Gagan Bistro on RT 73N too are nothing but dirty thieves.

You see, all these swines try the same cheap trick of not replenishing the empty vessels on the buffet tables for long periods and sometimes never. When a restaurant charges you for a buffet but does not replenish the empty vessels at the buffet table, it's nothing but theft.

When it comes to cheating customers, it's hard to beat these Indian restaurants in the U.S. Really.

During our visit, one of the vessels said Medhu Vada. But there was not a single Vada and during the 20 or 30 minutes we were there the restaurant folks did not care to replenish it. Neither did they replenish the Pakora vessel. These dirty, cheap little tricks irritates the hell out of us.

Lousy Meat Dishes

Every single meat dish we sampled at Gagan Bistro was unworthy of an Indian kitchen.

Butter Chicken in a thin, flavorless gravy was an abomination with the tough chicken pieces. Tandoori Chicken was poorly marinated and seemed like we were digging into shoe leather.

Saag Chicken did not provide much solace either because the saag had a raw flavor and the chicken again was tough.

The less said about the chewy Goat Curry the better for all of us.

Decent Vegetarian Fare

In contrast to the pitiful non-vegetarian fare, Gagan Bistro seems to have a better handle on its vegetarian dishes.

Masala Idli pieces were good but the accompanying Sambar was atrocious since it was way too sour and there was no evidence of any Sambar spices added to it.

The Chutneys were very cold, suggestng they were not fresh. Worse, the bland Coconut Chutney was not merely unpalatable but inedible as well.

But the stars of the day were the mixed Vegetable Curry in a creamy sauce and Jeera Aloo. Both were medium spiced but still very flavorful.

Paneer Tika Masala was a disappointment as the Paneer cubes were too hard but the tasty Gobi Mutter in a thin watery sauce made up for it.

Awful Desserts

Desserts were a total disaster. Gulab Jamun, a common Indian sweet, was soggy and slightly burnt.

And the Rice Kheer had no sugar in it. A disgrace.

As for the Fruit Custard, let's just say we wouldn't feed it to a street dog.

Gagan Bistro Rating

Overall, except for a few fine vegetarian dishes our meal was a disappointment. It's unlikely we'd want to visit Gagan Bistro any time soon. - ©

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