Gourmet Restaurant Atlantic City Review

Even before I hit the Atlantic City boardwalk, I developed a desperate craving for Indian food.

Gourmet PakistaniGourmet Restaurant
1608 Atlantic Ave, Atlantic City, NJ 08401

So after getting off the highway I took a detour left to Atlantic Avenue and stopped at Gourmet Restaurant for my Indian fix.

The restaurant was poorly lit inside (no can beat us South Asians when it comes to saving money on electricity, water, toilet paper etc).

There was a TV playing a Pakistani channel above the food station.

Gourmet Restaurant Food Counter Image © sagar.comFood Counter

The unsmiling manager in the suit told me there was no buffet during weekdays. So I settled for the $10 lunch platter.

After a quick look at the food counter, I picked Spinach Paneer, Chicken Curry and Alu Chicken.

I asked for Naan bread as well.

They heat up the food and bring it to the table.

By the way, Tandoori Chicken and Chicken Roast are excluded from the lunch platter.

Gourmet Restaurant Lunch Platter Image © sagar.comPalak Paneer, Chicken Curry, Alu Chicken

It took about five-minutes for my platter to arrive at the table.

My platter included a plate of salad and two plain Naans.

Gourmet Restaurant Naan Bread Image © sagar.comNaan Bread

Naan Bread was a delight.

Slightly crisp, and hot off the griddle, it was just the thing to scoop up my curries.

Spinach Paneer was a treat.

To my delight, the dish packed some heat. Usually Palak Paneer (Spinach Paneer) is bland or has the raw flavor of spinach at a lot of Indian restaurants. But the cooks at Gourmet Restaurant know their Spinach Paneer.

Chicken Curry was another dish I revelled in.

Although the curry was a bit watery, it was delicious. I’d have been happier if the spice levels were raised a few notches higher.

Alu Chicken was my other pick. It was a bit mild but still managed to be flavorful.

Gourmet Restaurant Salad Image © sagar.comSalad

The Salad was a disgrace.

It contained no dressing and much as I hate to waste food I couldn’t finish it.

Gourmet Restaurant Dining Hall Image © sagar.com

Bottom Line – $10 Pricey

Service is so-so. The manager wore a harried look and glared at me as if I were an unwelcome suitor.

For a lunch platter at a dingy and poorly-lit restaurant, I thought $10 was a bit pricey.

Also, I wasn’t pleased to see a young lady employee behind the counter standing and eating there. Well, that’s just the way our South Asian people are.

A short drive from the Atlantic City boardwalk, Gourmet Restaurant is a decent place for Indian/Pak food.

Don’t forget to pick up some sweets at the Gourmet Restaurant. They’re delicious.

After a decent meal, I stepped out and turned right on S.Kentucky Ave, and headed straight for the Atlantic City boardwalk. – © Sagar.com

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