Gourmet Sweets Atlantic City Review

Like most South Asians, I crave Indian sweets.

Unlike a lot of Americans, I don’t need weed or “that white powder” to get high. Some nice Gulab Jamun, Gajar Halwa, Habshi Halwa, Laddu or Pista Barfi will do just fine.

Gourmet PakistaniGourmet Restaurant & Sweets
1608 Atlantic Ave, Atlantic City, NJ 08401

When I saw the Indian sweets counter at Gourmet Restaurant and Sweets on Atlantic Avenue in Atlantic City, I was beside myself with delight. I quickly ordered a pound of assorted sweets along with two vegetable Samosas.

Mixed sweets here are $7 a pound.

Assorted Indian Sweets

My box of assorted sweets included a total of nine pieces.

Gourmet Sweets Image © sagar.comAssorted Sweets – $7 per Pound

  • Habshee Halwa was easily the most delicious sweet in my box. A sticky dark-colored sweet made by boiling milk in large vessels until the milk turns black, Habshee Halwa is one of the best sweets I have had in recent months. To my immense delight, it included enough dry nut toppings. I regretted not picking up a full box of Habshee Halwa.
  • Kalakhand was fresh, delicious and melted in the mouth like butter. I would have sung paeans for the Kalakhand if it had packed a tad more sweetness.
  • Pista Barfi packed a fresh taste and strong flavor of Pistachios. A treat, folks.
  • Pateesa intrigued me a bit. But one bite into it, I realized it is nothing but Sohan Papdi. With the right texture and sweetness, Pateesa was fresh and gave no room for complaints.
  • Gajar Halwa was not on par with the other sweets in my box. It was low on ghee and packed a not-so-good cooking oil smell.

Vegetable Samosas were big and fried evenly.

Gourmet Sweets Samosa Image © sagar.comVegetable Samosas – $1 Each

Potato curry stuffing inside was mildly spiced but still flavorful.

My complaint with the Samosas were that they did not come with the usual Green Chutney and Tamarind Sauce sides.

Gourmet Sweets Service

While I enjoyed the Gourmet Sweets assorted sweets, service was below par.

The middle-aged South Asian waiter/manager in the suit was a crude fella. While I was placing the order for the sweets, the fella abandoned me half-way through my order upon receiving a telephone call. He returned four-minutes later and did not care to apologize for leaving me stranded while he went to answer the call.

I also found a Nickel coin in one of the sweet trays. The manager was not pleased when I pointed it out to him.

Another vexing thing is I found a young lady in jeans standing near the sweet trays and eating. I have nothing against staff eating their food or dipping into the goodies but don’t chew the cud near the food/sweets being sold to customers. What if her saliva falls on the food, snacks or sweets?

The manager was also careless in not including Green Chutney and Tamarind Sauce with my Samosas.

Gourmet Sweets Rating

Notwithstanding my irritation on the service side, I intend to revisit Gourmet Sweets on Atlantic Avenue in Atlantic City to pick up another pound of Indian sweets.

Folks, these sweets are delicious and fresh. – © Sagar.com

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