Hoboken Council President Ravinder Bhalla Sued

Hoboken Council President Ravinder Singh Bhalla is among a bunch of local politicians being sued by an irate citizen who was kicked out of a council meeting at city hall.

Hoboken resident David Liebler has sued the mayor and city council charging Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer, Council President Ravinder Bhalla, and other council members with preventing comments related to Zimmer’s husband Stan Grossbard’s alleged role in Hoboken government from being raised.

Hoboken Council President - Ravinder Singh BhallaRavinder Bhalla

“These incidents evidence a pattern and practice on the part of Hoboken, the Council, and each of the individual council members to suppress political speech they disagree with and/or disapprove,” Lieber alleges in his 14-page complaint.

Kicked Out

At a meeting in city hall October 21, 2015, Liebler was escorted out by three police officers at Bhalla’s request.

Bhalla was not pleased with Liebler over his comments against the Mayor’s husband Stan Grossbard, a private citizen.

“It is very shameful that people come to this dais and they have to disparage and attack private citizens,” Bhalla said.

Besides seeking to restrain Hoboken council members from limiting comment about political matters or any topic at council meetings, Liebler is also asking for compensatory and punitive damages.

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