Linux Mint – Best Distro for Newbies

If ever there was a time for home computer users to seriously consider moving to Linux, it is now.

There are problems galore in the Windows universe (particularly as a magnet for malware and lack of updates).

Windows XP no longer gets updates.

Windows Vista is as slow as a Sunil Gavaskar century in the 1970s.

Windows 8 is like an Abhishek Bachchan movie – Just intolerable.

Windows 10 and even Windows 7 are Orwellian privacy nightmares.

For sure, Mac OS X is a more robust and secure alternative to Windows.

Linux Mint

But the OS X platform is also suffering from neglect as Apple focuses on too many initiatives – smartphones, tablets, smartwatch, Apple TV, smart cars etc.

All the while, Linux has been getting better and more user friendly.

Linux is no longer restricted only to folks familiar with running arcane commands in the terminal.

Ideal Choice – Linux Mint

A solid Linux choice for newbies is Linux Mint 17.3 a.k.a. Rosa.

An extremely user-friendly Linux distribution built on the Ubuntu 14.04 base, Linux Mint does not impose a stiff learning curve on newbies.

This Linux distribution comes with a solid graphical interface known as Cinnamon.

There are several advantages to Linux Mint.

First, Linux Mint runs well on old hardware. You can buy a desktop or laptop on eBay for $60 or $70 and be sure that Linux Mint will run fine on it.

Second, thanks to its Linux heritage Linux Mint is secure and robust.

Finally, there’s tons of high quality free software for Linux Mint like LibreOffice, Gimp, Atom (a text editor) and Cherrytree (a notes application).

If you’re feeling uncomfortable about taking the Linux plunge why not install VirtualBox 5.0 virtualization software and install Linux Mint as a guest OS.

Check it out for a few days and you’ll be surprised how quickly Linux Mint grows on you.

Where to Download Linux Mint and VirtualBox:
Linux Mint 17.3
VirtualBox 5

There are plenty of tutorials on the Internet to install VirtualBox and Linux Mint.

Important: As always, make sure you have a backup of important files just in case things go wrong.

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