Middlesex County, New Jersey Indian CPA Amit Govil Gets Prison Time For Filing False Tax Return

Amit Govil (58) of New Brunswick, NJ sentenced today to 27 months in prison for under-reporting his income on his personal tax return.

Licensed as a Certified Public Accountant in New York and New Jersey, Amit Govil managed to avoid paying more than $672,000 in taxes by filing false tax return.

According to the court documents:

Govil, licensed as a CPA in New York and New Jersey, operated P&G Associates, a business headquartered in East Brunswick, New Jersey, providing risk management and audit services to community banks. Govil admitted that for the tax year 2010, he underreported and failed to report the gross receipts or sales of P&G Associates on Schedule C of his personal tax return, avoiding more than $672,000 in taxes.

New Jersey Indian CPA Amit Govil previously pleaded guilty to an indictment charging him with making and subscribing a false tax return.

Besides the 27-months prison term, CPA Amit Govil was sentenced to one year of supervised release.

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