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Monsoon Mt Laurel New Jersey

4180 Dearborn Circle
Mt Laurel, NJ 08054

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Monsoon Mount Laurel Indian Restaurant
Disgusting Meat Dishes, Lousy Vegetarian Fare

Monsoon Mt Laurel Review: Below Average Food & Ugly Service

If we had our way, we'd plant our boots on the back-side of the white-haired bespectacled old coot (Manager/Owner??) at Monsoon Indian restaurant in Mt. Laurel (NJ) and give him a hard shove out the door but not before sewing his garrulous lips tight.

The bozo was so busy blah blah blahing to one of the Indian diners that he had no time to notice the glaring shortcomings in both food and service right under his nose. Schmuck.

Much to our disappointment, Monsoon turned out to be just another mediocre New Jersey Indian restaurant with little justification for its existence.

Disgusting Meat Dishes

Lamb Jalfrezi was an affront to Indian diners and sent us into paroxysms of rage. Not in the least spicy, the dish had no right to that name. Why not call it Queen Elizabeth or Chris Christie. It'd make as much or as little sense.

As our rage subsided, we realized what was happening. Eureka, these Monsoon monsters had bastardized the dish to suit the pussy palates of Americans. Such tactics cheat American diners out of tasting real Indian cuisine and deprive Indian diners of a familiar delicacy. Ah, these swines.

Chicken Curry tasted as if the Chicken was added to the spice-less gravy as an afterthought before rushing it out of the kitchen.

As for the Butter Chicken, if that travesty was Butter Chicken then we're Alexander the Great from Macedonia on a visit to Mt. Laurel. Comprende?

Tandoori Chicken did not get us wet between our legs but was at least palatable.

Lousy Vegetarian Fare

As with most Indian restaurants, Channa Masala was an abomination at Monsoon too. Not in the least flavorful and with a surfeit of salt, this was a disgrace no self-respecting Indian kitchen would place before diners.

Thank God for the creamy Saag Paneer. A delicacy, if you ask us. Easily, the best item of the day. But why did it have to be heated to such a high degreee. Were they generating power from it or what?

There were few Aloo pieces in the creamy Dum Aloo. The creamy masala flavor had not seeped into the Aloo suggesting the Aloo was not cooked properly with the gravy.

Green Beans Masala suffered from a surfeit of sauce making it way too sour and added to our sour mood.

Naan Bread was alright but could have been warmer when it reached our table. At least, we didn't have to wait long the first time.

Mixed Vegetable Pakoras were a wee bit salty.

Desserts- Garbage Halwa

Gajar Halwa could have used some more sugar and there was little evidence any ghee had been used in its preparation.

A more appropriate name for Monsoon's version of the popular Indian dessert would be Garbage Halwa.

Deo gratia, the Rice Kheer was a nice flavorful item. Given the many disappointments so far we exulted over our good fortune.

Monsoon NJ - Lousy Service, Cheating Swines

As with a lot of Indian restaurants that offer buffets, Monsoon too practices the crooked, cheap trick of not replenishing the empty dishes promptly. The Rice Kheer was scraping the bottom and yet it took a reminder from a Caucasian diner and considerable while before the rascals filled it up.

No one bothered to keep bowls or spoons for the desserts and we had to ask for both. Only the bowls were provided not the small dessert spoon.

When we asked the young waiter with glasses (old man's son??) for the dessert spoon, the bozo couldn't be bothered to reply but merely nodded his head. No, he did not care to get the spoon even after several minutes. In the end, we ate the desserts with our curry spoon just as we saw other diners doing the same. The old man was, of course, busy chatting away to glory near the desserts stand with an Indian diner. Someone, please sew his lips and kick the fella out. Such indifference to paying diners. Disgusting.

When we asked the bespectacled young waiter for additional Naan bread, the dressed all-in-black waiter got out the bread, walked past us without a look, went near the two tables where White diners were having their lunch, realized they didn't need it and took it back. A few seconds later, the bespectacled young waiter got us the Naan after presumably picking it from the other waiter. Maybe, we should have painted our face White!

What was the old fossil doing?

Monsoon, Mt Laurel NJ Rating - Just Not Worth Visiting

Bottom line, Monsoon is yet another mediocre Indian restaurant in New Jersey that has no business being in business.

To call Monsoon an Indian restaurant is akin to calling Hitler a human. Show these Monsoon simians your middle-finger with gusto. - ©

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