Edison, New Jersey Indian Navneeth Murali Tripped Over Ischiocerite

Wondering, who is Navneeth Murali and what is Ischiocerite?

Who is Navneeth Murali

Well, Navneeth Murali is one of the four Indian-American kids from New Jersey who made it to 2019 Spelling Bee championship finals.

Navneeth Murali is a 13 year old seventh grade student from Woodrow Wilson Middle School in Edison, NJ.

2019 National Spelling Bee Contestant from Edison, NJ

The other three Indian-Americans who made it to finals are Shruthika Padhy, Christopher Serrao and Aritra Banerjee.

Shruthika Padhy and Christopher Serrao are two of the Octo-champs of 2019 Spelling Bee Competition.

What is Ischiocerite

Ischiocerite is a Greek origin word and means a joint of the antenna of a crustacean.

And, this Greek origin word Ischiocerite tripped Navneeth Murali out of 2019 Spelling Bee finals championship in the 13th round.

Navneeth Murali spelled the word incorrectly as ischyocerite instead of ischiocerite in the 13th round of 2019 Spelling Bee finals.

Yes, in the 13th round of 2019 Spelling Bee finals.

Navneet Murali spelled all the words correctly in the first 12 rounds and successfully completed the preliminaries test as well.

The words spelled correctly by Navneeth in the earlier rounds of 2019 Spelling Bee are:

* Montessorian
* Demolition
* Frontogenesis
* Bombycine
* Eolienne
* Chechia
* Verstehen
* Marmennill
* Haustellum
* Omphacite
* Beira Beira

Navneeth Murali reached the 2019 Bee Nationals by spelling borele, kreef, ryas, liman, metage words correctly in local bee competition.

According to the brief bio on Bee web site:

Navneeth is learning to play Indian classical music on the electronic keyboard and doesn’t miss a chance to play whenever he has time.

The Edison, NJ Indian-American kid previously competed in 2018 National Spelling Bee (5th place).

Navneeth Murali has one more chance to compete in Scripps National Spelling Bee Championship.

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