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Nimit Palace Voorhees Review

Nimit Palace
114 White Horse Rd
Voorhees, NJ 08043

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nimit palace voorhees

Nimit Palace Review: Decent Indian Food

Nimit Palace on White Horse Rd is the newest addition to the crowded Indian restaurant scene in Southern Jersey, established some time in late 2012.

Located next to an unisex salon in Plaza Shoppes strip mall of Voorhees, Nimit Place offers both eat in and take out options.

No Lunch Buffet

What intrigued me about Nimit Place was the absence of a Lunch Buffet.

I wondered how an Indian restaurant could survive without a lunch buffet.

Instead, Nimit Palace offers a la carte menu with lunch specials.

On a recent chilly day, I happened to be at Cherry Hill Subzi Mandi buying some Indian grocery when I remembered Nimit Palace.

It was 4:30PM, I was tired and in no mood to cook at home. I just wanted to pick up some cheap Indian food for dinner before heading home.

As White Horse Rd is not far from Cherry Hill Subzi Mandi, I fired up my GPS and drove over to Nimit Palace.

My Nimit Palace Take Out Order

When I walked in around 4:45PM, Nimit Palace was quiet except for a lone lady pecking away at her laptop.

Not surprising considering it was way past lunch hour and too early for dinner.

The two Indians at the counter wore a sullen look. Staff at Indian restaurants often sport the look of one in desperate need of a laxative.

After scanning the menu, I enquired whether I could order from the lunch specials priced at $5.99 (Veg), $6.99 (Chicken) and $7.99 (Lamb & Goat).

The desi guy accommodated my request and I ordered one Veg Lunch Special, one Chicken Lunch Special and one Samosa ($1) for appetizers.

Nimit Palace lunch specials come with 2 entrees and choice of rice or naan bread or roti.

But for some weird reason I never realized that and asked for only 1 entree and the guy at the counter never remindeded me I could get 2 entrees.

My entree choice for Veg lunch was Navaratan Korma and for the Non-veg lunch it was Chicken Curry.

Heeding the suggestion of the desi waiter, I chose rice for my Veg Lunch and Naan bread with Chicken.

In retrospect it was a mistake. I should have chosen rice for both. (more about this later).

I paid the bill and waited at one of the tables. My takeout order was ready in about 20 minutes.

Here's my take on Nimit Palace, starting with Samosa:


Packed in a styrofoam box, Samosa came with Green and Tamarind Chutneys on the side.

Nimit Palace Samosa
Samosa with Green and Tamarind Chutney - $1

Samosa smelled heavenly as I was driving home.

Samosa was well cooked, slightly soft in the center and crispy on the edges.

Nimit Palace Samosa inside
Samosa - Inside Story

Seasoned with Jeera and Mustard, the Potato filling inside the Samosa was also well cooked and tasty.

The two sides Green Chutney and Tamarind Sauce tasted fresh, tangy and enhanced the taste of the Samosa.

Truth be said, this was one of those rare occasions when I enjoyed a Samosa picked up from a New Jersey Indian restaurant.

Chicken Lunch - $6.99

Mighty satisfied with my Samosa appetizer, I eagerly moved on to my Chicken lunch.

Chicken Lunch came packed in a plastic box with two small servings of Chicken Curry and one folded Naan bread in a thin wrapping paper.

Nimit Palace Non-Veg Lunch
Chicken Curry with Naan - $6.99

Chicken Curry gravy was a bit watery and spilled into the main section messing up the Naan bread.

The Naan bread was literally floating in the gravy making the whole thing messy and robbed me the pleasure of enjoying the Naan bread to full extent.

Nimit Palace naan
Top side of Naan bread Soiled with Gravy

The wrapping paper was too thin to give much protection to the Naan bread from the Chicken Curry gravy.

Nimit Palace Naan Bread
Bottom of the Naan bread Soiled with Gravy

Little disappointed with messy Naan bread, I moved on to the Chicken Curry.

Chicken Curry included seven small pieces of boneless chicken.

While the Chicken pieces were tender, it was too mildly spiced for my spice hardened taste buds.

This is despite my explicity mentioning that it must be suitably spiced for an average Indian diner.

When he suggested "medium-to-hot" spicy, I agreed.

Alas, what I got was a curry so mildly spiced that even Americans would rebel at it.

Though Chicken Curry was not spicy as requested, I would still put it in a not so bad category.

Veg Lunch Special - $5.99

A bit disappointed with my Chicken lunch, I moved on to my Veg lunch.

Nimit Palace Veg Lunch
Veg Lunch Special - $5.99

Nimit Palace's Vegetarian lunch included two small servings of Navaratan Korma and Basmati Rice.

Navaratan Korma also leaked on to the rice, but not as bad as the Chicken curry gravy that messed up my Naan bread.

Set in a yellow color medium thick creamy gravy, Navaratan Korma included Green Peas, Carrot, Potato and sliced Almonds.

It was delicious and spicy as requested.

The serving size of Jeera seasoned plain Basmati Rice was decent.

Nimit Palace Ambiance and Service

Like most Indian restaurants, Nimit Palace has a bare-bone ambiance with some paintings on the wall.

As you enter, you have tables upfront, cash counter and kitchen in the rear. Rest room is to the right rear corner, adjacent to the kitchen.

Nimit Palace ambiance

Tables and dining room floor were clean.

Ordering was smooth and the desi waiter allowed me to order from lunch specials though it was close to 5PM.

But my take out Indian food did not come with plates, napkins and spoons.

How much does it cost to include two styrofoam plates, napkins and spoons?

Also the Chicken lunch was packed badly.

The restaurant should not have packed the Naan bread along with the watery Chicken Curry in the same box.

Instead, Nimit Palace should have packed the Naan bread in an aluminum foil separately considering that the Chicken Curry gravy was watery.

Elementary, My Dear Watson.

Another irritating thing was locating the light switch in the rest room.

Like at most Indian restaurants, the rest room at Nimit Palace was a dark hole.

It was pitch dark and I had to struggle to locate the light switch.

While we do understand that Nimit Palace wants to save on electricity bills by switching off the light bulb, they can either place a tiny night bulb or attach sensors to the rest room door so that the light bulb comes on automatically when the door is opened.

Nimit Palace Voorhees Rating

Notwithstanding my irritation over poor packing of the Naan bread and mildly spiced Chicken Curry, I would still consider revisiting Nimit Palace when I am in the Cherry Hill or Voorhees.

But this time I will try eat in rather than do a take out. - ©

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