Nizams Atlantic City Review

Unless you go for their weekend-only lunch buffet or the week-day lunch specials, Nizam’s Indian restaurant on Black Horse Pike in Egg Harbor Township near Atlantic City is “Poor Value for Money.”

6666 Black Horse Pike,
Egg Harbor Township, NJ 08234

But in its favor Nizam’s offers flavorful Indian Curries.

Alas, the flavorful Indian curries at Nizam’s come with the baggage of a big price tag and small serving size.

If you ask me, charging $14 or $15 for a vegetarian entree is ridiculous.

Nizams Dining Hall Image ©

That’s what Nizam’s charges for most of its Vegetarian entrees,

My Nizam’s Order

After a long, tiring walk on the Atlantic City boardwalk, I was on the prowl for an Indian takeout.

After a quick search online and with help from my Garmin GPS, I quickly landed at Nizam’s in Egg Harbor Township.

Since I was late for the lunch specials, I ordered from the a la carte menu.

I chose Vegetable Jalfrezi and Paneer Tikka Masala (they came with White Rice).

Here’s my take on Nizam’s takeout:

Paneer Tikka Masala or Oil Slick Masala

To say that Nizam’s Paneer Tikka Masala is a bad advertisement for an Oil Slick would be an understatement (please see below picture).

Nizams Paneer Tikka Masala Image © sagar.comOil Slick – Paneer Tikka Masala – $13.95

A thick layer of oil buried the Paneer cubes and tikka masala gravy.

While Paneer pieces had a fresh taste and overall the Paneer Tikka Masala was flavorful, the oil slick made me wary of this popular North Indian curry.

Such high doses of oil is not healthy.

Also, the serving size was small for a $13.95 vegetarian entree.

Vegetable Jalfrezi

I found Vegetable Jalfrezi more appealing than Paneer Masala because it had the right amount of oil.

Nizams Vegetable Jalfrezi Image © sagar.comVegetable Jalfrezi – $13.95

A melange of red bell peppers, green bell peppers, potato, green beans, green peas, diced carrot, corn and onion with cilantro seasoning, Nizam’s Vegetable Jalfrezi was flavorful with enough heat for Indian palates.

Again like Paneer Tikka Masala, the serving size was small for the $13.95 price paid.

And it could have been a bit spicier.

Basmati Rice

My Nizam’s vegetable entrees came with plain Basmati White Rice on the side.

Nizams White Rice Image © sagar.comPlain Rice

White Rice had fresh texture and the serving size of rice was adequate.

By the way, both items went well with our home-made Chapatis too.

Nizam’s Service

When I walked into Nizam’s around 2:45PM, the restaurant was empty except for a young Pakistani fella mopping the floor with a tall broom.

The neatly dressed Pakistanti waiter greeted me with a smile but did not care to wash his hand before taking down my order or impatiently asking for my payment.

he same waiter inquired about the spice level for my entrees. When I mentioned, it should be right for an Indian palate, he wrote down 6. If you’re Indian, my recommendation is to go with 7 on the heat/spice scale.

My takeout order was packed neatly without any leaks.

But despite charging nearly $30 for two vegetable entrees, my takeout did not come with plates, napkins, spoons and forks.

<h5Nizam’s Egg Harbor Township Rating – Pricey

Sure, both my vegetarian entrees were flavorful and packed a bit of heat.

But the serving size was small and the price steep.

Also, Paneer Tikka Masala was so oily it would surely increase bad cholesterol levels.

Nizam’s weekend buffet might be worth a try. One of these days, I’ll give it a shot. – ©

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