NJ Desi Software Guy Charged with Hardcore Murder-for-Hire Crime

New Jersey Indian IT consultant Narsan Lingala (55) of Middlesex County and his ex-girlfriend Sandya Reddy (52) were charged on February 6, 2019, over an alleged plot to pay a purported hitman to kill Narsan’s estranged wife.

Narsan was already in custody on a different charge when he allegedly approached another inmate and asked him if he knew anyone who could kill his estranged wife.

The fellow inmate informed authorities and a sting was organized in which an undercover police agent posed as a hitman.

During the meeting with the hitman/undercover police officer on August 18, 2018 at a NJ mall, attended by both Narsan and Sandya and which was video recorded, Narsan allegedly provided details about his estranged wife and discussed payment terms.

If convicted on the murder-for-hire charge, Narsan Lingala and Sandya Reddy can be imprisoned for up to 10 years and ordered to pay a $250,000 fine.

Narsan was produced in a New Jersey federal district court on February 6, 2019, while Sandya appeared in the court a day earlier.

Important: Narsan Lingala and Sandya Reddy must be considered innocent unless and until proven guilty.

Narsan is the owner of IT consultancy firm LMN Solutions Inc.

For those keen on the details, please find below an excerpt from the government complaint:

“In May 2018, Lingala was in a holding cell at the Middlesex County Superior Courthouse as he awaited a court hearing. While there, he asked another inmate if he knew anyone who could kill his estranged wife. The inmate responded that he knew such a person. In June 2018, at the direction of law enforcement, the inmate introduced Lingala to an undercover agent posing as a hitman. Over subsequent weeks, Lingala and the undercover hitman spoke by phone and planned to meet in person the next time that Lingala traveled from Indiana to New Jersey.

On Aug. 18, 2018, Lingala and the undercover hitman agreed to meet in person outside a New Jersey shopping mall. Later that day, Lingala and his then-girlfriend, Reddy, arrived outside the mall and approached the undercover hitman. Lingala introduced Reddy and stated that she understood what was going on. Lingala, Reddy, and the undercover hitman entered the undercover hitman’s car. They proceeded to have a conversation that was video recorded.

The undercover hitman asked Lingala to confirm what he wanted the undercover hitman to do. Lingala said, “I want that woman to be out of my life . . . totally. Never again. She never comes back.” During the conversation, the undercover hitman asked, “You want me to take care of her?” Lingala responded, “Yeah.” The undercover hitman stated, “She’s done, I’m going to kill her. End of story.” Lingala responded, “Yeah. End of story.”

During the conversation, Lingala gave the undercover hitman information about the intended victim. Lingala provided his ex-wife’s full name, home address, age, and home phone number. He also described the entrances to and layout of her home; the name of the company where she worked; and the timing and details of her work commute. Lingala showed the undercover hitman photos of the exterior and interior of his ex-wife’s home. Reddy also provided the undercover hitman information about the intended victim.

The undercover hitman, Lingala, and Reddy also discussed the price that the undercover hitman would be paid. The undercover hitman said the job would cost between $5,000 and $10,000, depending on the job’s complexity. Lingala agreed and asked if he could pay after the job was done. The undercover hitman said he would need a down payment. Lingala and Reddy discussed the issue, and then Lingala asked the undercover hitman, “Can I give you a thousand down payment?” The undercover hitman agreed. Lingala later stated, “I want that money to go into your pocket.” Lingala informed the undercover hitman that making the down payment would take about two weeks. After the meeting, authorities arrested Lingala and Reddy.”

Narsan Lingala Complaint
Narsan Lingala Murder For Hire Complaint

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