NYC Indian Crook Penning Memoirs

Notorious Indian-American crook Rajat Gupta plans to put out his memoirs.

Currently a resident of New York City, Rajat Gupta was until early January 2016 an inmate at the U.S. federal prison in Ayer, Massachusetts following his conviction of securities fraud in 2012.

An IIT-Delhi alumnus and Harvard MBA, Rajat Gupta was once Chief Executive of consulting firm McKinsey.


A high profile business figure, Rajat Gupta rubbed shoulders with the giants of the American corporate world until his arrest and subsequent conviction.

Then came the mighty fall – the arrest, charges, court trial and finally the conviction on securities fraud charges – that turned Rajat Gupta’s name into mud.

‘My life has had many ups and downs and in this book I want to talk about my struggles and how I’ve found solace and strength. How do you act without attachment? Help others without expectation? And forgive without bitterness? How do you maintain peace and dignity in the most difficult circumstances? These questions permeate all of our lives. I hope the youth in particular will benefit from the learnings in my journey,’ says Rajat Gupta

Indian publishing house Juggernaut Books will put out Rajat Gupta’s memoirs.

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