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September 22, 2021

Persis Biryani Hamilton NJ

Persis Biryani & Indian Grill
3800 Quakerbridge Road
Hamilton, NJ 08619

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persis biryani hamilton

Persis Biryani Review: Spicy Biryani, Decent Food, Rotten Service

Now that some of the parties in the great New Jersey Biryani lawsuit have resolved their trademark dispute, Paradise Indian restaurant at 3800 Quakerbridge Road, Hamilton, New Jersey has changed its name to Persis Biryani & Indian Grill.

Persis - Better Than Old Paradise

When we called the restaurant the other day to see if they were open, the lady who answered clearly identified the restaurant as Persis Indian Grill and sensing our hesitation over the name change quickly added, "But everything is same."

Wrong. Everything is not the same.

Because Persis is so much better than the old Paradise Indian restaurant that existed at the same location.

We had dined at the old Paradise Hamilton a few years back and were disheartened over the quality of the food.

Thank God, the food at Persis Biryani & Indian Grill is far better but, alas, the service is hopeless.

If Persis goes belly up, it'll be because the wait-staff ruined it.

Biryani First

Since the New Jersey Biryani legal tussle was at its root a fight about the famed Indian rice dish Biryani, let's get to it first.

Persis' Biryani is one of the spiciest Biryanis we've had in a long time.

persis chicken and goat biryani hamilton
Goat Biryani (top)
Dum Ka Chicken on Rice (bottom)
persis vegetable biryani hamilton
Vegetable Biryani (top left)
Navratan Korma (bottom left)
Beeetroot Poriyal (top right)
Channa Masala (middle right)

Even for spice-hardened Indian palates like ours, Persis' Biryani is spicy.

Spicy but flavorful. No question about it.

The rice texture in the Biryani was fine. Neither too dry nor too pasty.

During our visit, there were three varieties of Biryanis at the Buffet Station - Vegetable, Chicken and Goat. Given our gargantuan appetite, we tried all three.

persis biryani hamilton
Chicken Biryani (top), Tandoori Chicken (middle left)
Fish Fry (right), Beetroot Poriyal (bottom)

The spice levels in the three Biryanis were similar. The differences between the three were primarily in the ingredients going into the dish.

Vegetable Biryani included beans, carrot, onion and all the other Biryani spices.

Besides the Biryani spices, Chicken Biryani included well-cooked Chicken that had nicely absorbed the Biryani flavor.

Goat Biryani, to which we're not that partial, had goat meat in it.

All three varieties exuded an enticing aroma and were delicious, that is if your palate can handle the spices.

Persis Biryani & Indian Grill might want to look at toning down the heat-level in the Biryani a wee bit.

If you ask us, we'd still say the Egg Biryani at Dakshin Express in Edison is tops for the overall flavor. That one sent us into an orgasmic swoon.

Persis' Biryanis thrilled but did not put us into an orgasmic frenzy. You know, like Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally.

To some degree, an overspiced Biryani can mask the majestic flavor that's the hallmark of this Indian rice favorite.

By the way, if you're new to Biryani here's an interesting tidbit for you. Despite the vast regional differences in cuisine in India, Biryani is one of the few dishes that's equally popular in both North and South India.

Horrible Naan Bread

Naan Bread at Persis Indian Grill was so pathetic that it must be the work of a baboon dressed in chef's attire.

It was rubbery and some of the pieces were badly charred suggesting it'd not been promptly removed from the Tandoor.

Also, good Indian restaurants deliver fresh Naan bread directly to the table. They do not deposit them in a heap on the buffet station.

Obviously the Persis folks are lazy bozos, indifferent to diners satisfaction. Otherwise, they'd bring Naan bread fresh to the table.

Persis Vegetarian Items

Most of the vegetarian items at Persis Hamilton found favor with us.

The small reddish-colored pieces of Masala Idli were delicious. They were spicy but also had an attractive, slight Manchurian Vegetarian flavor.

Vermicelli Upma was lukewarm but flavorful.

Utappam was just ok. The accompanying green chutney was freezing cold making it unusable with Utappam. It's a shame few Indian restaurants in New Jersey care to serve freh Chutneys.

Although only lukewarm, the Brinjal-Carrot Sambar was still more than acceptable. Kudos to the chef.

Dal is often a monstrosity at Indian restaurants. But at Persis the Tomato Dal with a slight Garlic flavor gave no room for complaint.

persis biryani naan and appetizers
Pappad (top) Naan (middle left)
Masala Idli (middle right) Utappam (bottom)
persis biryani tomato dal on white rice
Tomato Dal & White Rice

Channa Masala was a bit sour but we'd still put it in the Not-Bad category. Channa Masala, like the Dal and Saag, is a dish that most Indian restaurants in New Jersey fail to get right.

Herbivores, whether Indian or American, can take comfort that Persis' kitchen is mostly adept with vegetarian fare as they're in churning out yummy meaty dishes.

Non-Vegetarian Items

If there's an Indian restaurant in New Jersey that does not put out Tandoori Chicken on the buffet table, we have yet to find it.

Persis Biryani and Indian Grill is no exception.

To our great delight, Tandoori Chicken here was slightly moist, nicely marinated and a treat to the palate.

The small pieces of Fish Fry made for a nice appetizer.

For those wary of spicy Indian food and yet want to get a sense of Indian cuisine we recommend Persis' Dum Ka Chicken. Heap this creamy, mildly spiced Chicken dish on some White Rice and there's your preface to Indian food. As you get bolder, you can try the spicier stuff.

Nice Desserts

A good Indian meal is incomplete without desserts.

And we're glad to inform you that Persis acquited itself fairly well on the desserts front too.

Rice Payasam was a delicious treat.

persis biryani payasam
persis biryani kesari

Crushed rice in thick milk with a nice ghee flavor and embellished by nuts and raisins, it was a fitting finale to our meal at Persis.

Ah, the mere thought of Persis' Payasam has us drooling.

Rava Kesari was not bad but just not in the same league as the Payasam.

It was a wee bit short of sugar and had perhaps more food color than warranted.

Unhygienic Practices, Poor Service

Service at most Indian restaurants in New Jersey is below par.

And Persis Hamilton is no different.

We found people taking their used plates to the buffet table and the Persis waiter (the short, stout, dark complexioned Indian waiter) who was standing at the buffet table stirring the Sambar bowl made no effort to stop this unhygienic practice.

Also, there were no signs near the buffet tables asking diners to use fresh plates during each visit to the buffet station.

Let's hope the New Jersey Restaurant Inspection Department takes note of these poor practices at Persis and imposes a hefty fine.

Only then will these fellows adopt good hygiene practices.

We were not pleased to see used plates piled up on our table. Although there were few diners during our visit, the three waiters made no effort to remove them promptly.

The waiter who got the water-jug did not care to fill the water glasses but merely left it on the table. If waiting tables is distasteful, may we suggest you find a different vocation.

No one bothered to ask us if the food was alright or if we needed anything else.

The three waitstaff (the girl and the two guys) at Persis Hamilton definitely need some training in waiting tables. Pronto.

As a first rule, the waiters should be moved to the cash register in the front and not allowed to stand like statues near the kitchen door at the back.

Except for a few handtowels on the floor near the trash can, Persis' toilet was clean and had the strong smell of disinfectant. Man, we'll take the smell of disinfectant any day over the stench of piss you encounter at many Indian restaurants.

Our Verdict on Persis Biryani Hamilton

When you charge $11.99 for a buffet we think there ought to be three desserts or at least a Lassi and two desserts.

We recollect the Lunch Buffet at Mirchi North Brunswick included Lassi (not sure if they still do).

Its few inadequacies aside, we still consider Persis Biryani Hamilton one of the few Indian restaurants in New Jersey we'd consider revisiting.

If you're put off by poor hygiene practices or can't handle the spicy Biryanis we suggest you stay away. But then you'd be the loser.- ©

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