Seven Year Old Girl Gurupreet Kaur from India Found Dead at US Border

A seven year old girl Gurupreet Kaur from Punjab, India was found diseased 17 miles west of Lukeville near the Arizona-Mexico border.

Gurupreet Kaur, according to U.S. Border Patrol, had reportedly been traveling with her mother and three other women dropped near the international boundary by human smugglers.

The Tucson Sector Border Patrol agents apparently learned about the body of the young child Gurupreet Kaur after encountering two adult women from India who explained how they had come to the United States, and that three others, a woman and two children, had become separated from them hours earlier.

US-Mexican Border near Lukeville, AZ, Photo Courtesy: Print Media US-Mexican Border near Lukeville, AZ
(Photo Courtesy – News Media)

According to the Border Patrol Agents:

..after walking some way, the girl’s mother and another woman went in search of water, leaving her daughter with another woman and her child.

..once they went to look for water they never saw them again.

The mother and the other woman wandered in the rugged Sonoran desert wilderness for 22 hours before being found by Border Patrol.

Mother of Gurupreet Kaur and the other adult woman from India who provided the information to border patrol agents were taken into custody.

The remote area where the body of the Gurupreet Kaur was found is a rugged desert wilderness with few back-country roads and little to no resources.

And the temperature in the area yesterday was approximately 108 degrees according to the National Weather Service.

As per Pima County Office of the Medical Examiner’s report, Gurupreet Kaur died of hyperthermia.

According to immigration authorities, an increasing number of Indians are entering the United States from Mexico with the help of smuggling cartels.

Indians are among thousands of Central Americans, Africans and Asian migrants making the strenuous journey in search of American Dream.

Gurupreet Kaur’s death is the second recorded fatality of a migrant child this year in Arizona‚Äôs southern deserts.

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