Shreeji Atlantic City Review

At first, I envied those staying at the Days Inn on E.White Horse Pike in Absecon.

After all, how many motels in Atlantic City can boast of an Indian restaurant downstairs that even offers lunch buffets ($9.95 on weekdays).

Shreeji IndianShreeji Indian
224 E White Horse Pike, Absecon, NJ 08205

How nice it’d be to order the curry of your choice, vegetarian or non-vegetarian, and minutes later savor in those delights, I told myself sotto voce.

Well, those fantasies were all before I had my meal at Shreeji.

Shreeji Absecon NJ Ambiance Image ©

During my recent visit to Shreeji, I was the sole diner in the large dining hall.

There was a disquieting, eerie quietness about the place.

But I was hungry and after eyeing the buffet station, I was all business as I grabbed a plate and went straight for the appetizers – Tandoori Chicken and Pakoras.

Tandoori Chicken and Pakoras are standard fixtures at most Indian buffets in New Jersey.

And Shreeji seemed no different from the herd.

Shreeji Absecon NJ Appetizers Image © sagar.comTandoori Chicken, Pakora

One bite into the Tandoori Chicken and I was like, OMG, so horrid.

A dry monstrosity I’d not wish on even my most bitter foe.

It seemed completely bereft of any marination.

I’d have to be at my charitable best to describe Shreeji’s Tandoori Chicken as merely awful.

Truth be said, it was way beyond awful, an inedible atrocity.

Pakoras were alright but nothing to make me leap in joy.

Shreeji Absecon NJ Chicken Image © sagar.comChicken Curry (bottom), Dal Makhani (top)

Chicken Curry was one of the better items I encountered at Shreeji.

The gravy was more watery than I’d like but the dish was flavorful, hinting of some spices.

Dal Makhani did not put me in a high dudgeon as they often do at a lot of Indian restaurants.

Again, there was a hint of some spices in the Dal. And I was pleased about it.

Shreeji Absecon NJ Veg Entrees Image © sagar.comPalak Paneer (top), Alu Mutter (bottom)

Palak Paneer was a mixed blessing.

Fortunately, the entree did not carry the raw flavor of Palak I’ve frequently encountered at a lot of Indian restaurants.

But it was otherwise not a flavorful delight. It could certainly have done with more spices.

The gravy in the Alu Mutter was a bit sour.

Also, there was not much heat in the dish to tantalize an Indian palate.

Shreeji Absecon NJ Naan Bread Image © sagar.comNaan Bread

Naan Bread was alright.

Nothing to complain about.

Shreeji Absecon NJ Gulab Jamun Image © sagar.comGulab Jamun

The sweet syrup was a tad too sweet.

But the Jamun balls themselves were uninspiring.

They did not seem to have absorbed the sweetness of the syrup in which they were nestling.

I was not too pleased with the texture either.

Shreeji – Bottom Line

While I was not completely disappointed with my meal at Shreeji, I did not find any standout items either.

I won’t be in a tearing hurry to return here. – ©

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