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Taste of India Punjabi Dhaba Burlington

Taste of India Punjabi Dhaba
125 Route 130 South & Wood St
Burlington, NJ 08016

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taste of india punjabi dhaba burlington

Taste of India Burlington Review: Good Food, Lousy Service

Sometimes to our immense delight we stumble upon fine Indian restaurants in the least expected places.

The other day after watching a Bollywood movie at Regal Burlington in South Jersey we were famished.

And those who know us well know that when we're really, really famished nothing but Indian food will quieten the loud bellows from the nether regions of our stomach.

Since we had heard there was an Indian restaurant nearby, we quickly turned on our GPS.

It's a short, 7-minute drive from Regal Burlington to Taste of India on Rt-130 South.


Like a lot of Indian restaurants in New Jersey, Taste of India Burlington has the unmistakable look of a dump.

As you enter the restaurant, you notice tables in three columns, the buffet station to the extreme left, adjacent to the cash register and an Indian sweets counter near the register.

And the table mats looked so old and made the dump look positively crappy.

Taste of India Lunch Buffet

During our recent late afternoon visit to Taste of India Burlington, the lunch buffet was still available.

Items at the buffet station included Butter Chicken, Tandoori Chicken, Chicken Curry and Goat Curry for the carnivores.

For the vegetarians, there was Mixed Veg. Curry, Saag Channa and Yellow Dal. Of course, we also found Vegetable Pakoras, Green Chutney, White Rice, Naan Bread and Roti.

Gulab Jamun was the sole dessert.

Delicious Chicken & Goat Entrees

One thing common to the meat items - they were all very tasty and attested to a competent hand in the kitchen.

Be it the juicy, well-marinated Tandoori Chicken or the spicy Chicken Curry or the delicious, creamy Butter Chicken or the fine Goat Curry, we were in a swoon.

In our experience, it's uncommon to find an Indian restaurant in New Jersey deliver even one good dish. So we were bowled over by Taste of India's repeated hits.

If we had to pick one item that stood out over all the others, it'd be Taste of India's Butter Chicken. Creamy and spicy at the same time, it was a work of art.

With Naan Bread, Roti or with White Rice, the Butter Chicken made for a solid combination with each of them.

taste of india burlington
Tandoori Chicken (top middle) Pakora (top left)
Chicken Curry (bottom)
punjabi dhaba burlington
Butter Chicken (left) Naan Bread (right)

We'd have relished the Tandoori Chicken more had it come with less or none of that weird reddish food color that Indian restaurants often daub with a liberal hand.

Although we are not big fans of Goat meat, Taste of India Burlington's changed our mind. This was another well proportioned spicy delight that pleased us no end.

Mostly Good Vegetarian Items

Vegetable Pakoras were tasty and had the right texture.

The accompanying Green Chutney was a spicy delight and enhanced the taste of Pakoras.

We also liked the fact that Green Chutney at Taste of India was at room temperature and not freezing cold like in most Indian restaurants in NJ/NYC.

taste of india burlington
Goat Curry (bottom) Mixed Veg. Curry (top)
punjabi dhaba burlington
Mixed Veg. (left), Saag Channa (bottom),
Yellow Dal (right), Roti (top)

Saag Channa was another spicy delight that we enjoyed thoroughly with Naan bread and Roti.

Mixed Vegetable Curry was creamy, spicy and yummy. So good that we couldn't resist returning to the buffet station for a second helping.

Yellow Dal looked and tasted more like Dal Makhani. May be it was wrong labeling.

With a surfeit of turmeric powder, Yellow Dal did not endear itself much to our taste buds.

Plain Rice was a little dry and had Jeera seasoning.

Naan Bread and Roti

Unlike a lot of Indian restaurants in New Jersey, Taste of India Burlington serves bread at the table and does not deposit them at the buffet station in a heap.

It's a good practice and we hope other New Jersey Indian restaurants follow suit.

taste of india burlington
Naan Bread
punjabi dhaba burlington

Four slices each of Naan Bread and Roti came piping hot to the table.

Both Naan Bread and Roti were well cooked and gave no room for complaint.

It'd have been nice if the Naan bread had a daub of butter.


Desserts included Gulab Jamun and was not on par with the quality of the other items.

punjabi dhaba burlington
Gulab Jamun
While Gulab Jamun was well cooked, we found it a little hard.

Also, the accompanying syrup had a tad more sugar than warranted.

Lousy Service

Most Indian restaurants in New Jersey have no concept of good service. And Taste of India Burlington is no different.

Although the restaurant had no other dine-in customers during our meal, the service was unacceptably sloppy.

Plates piled up on our table and the waitress didn't seem to care.

At one point, there were five plates piled up in two heaps (see picture below).

taste of india burlington
Used Plates Pile Up
punjabi dhaba burlington
Billing Snafu

And the food wrapping paper that came with the bread baskets started flying around. You see there was a huge industrial fan running by the side of the Buffet station directed at the tables.

But the waitress never bothered to clear the piled used plates or the empty bread baskets.

It took forever to get our check. And when we got it, it was messed up.

Through such lousy service, Taste of India Burlington is basically telling paying diners that they have scant respect for them.

Taste of India Burlington Rating

But we'll forgive Taste of India all of its service blemishes if it continues to dish out fine Indian food the way it does now.

As for us, we just can't wait to return to this dump the next time we're in Burlington, its lousy service notwithstanding. - ©

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