The Interview Review – Mostly Unfunny

If liking Katy Perry and drinking Margaritas are gay, then who wants to be straight.
– Dave Skylark in The Interview

The worst thing you can say about a comedic film is that it was not funny.

Well, that was how I felt about The Interview (starring James Franco, Seth Rogen and directed by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg).

The Interview Review by

For the most part, the film (which triggered the infamous hack into Sony Pictures by North Korean agents and torpedoed the film’s release in theaters) is a yawn.

James Franco is Dave Skylark, a TV host doing celebrity interviews and reporting on trashy gossip.

Dave’s best buddy Aaron (Seth Rogen) is producer of his successful TV show.

Stung by criticism from professional journalists that they’re doing trashy interviews, Dave and Aaron decide to take on some serious work.

Upon learning that North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un is a fan of Dave’s show, they pitch for an interview with the “Supreme Leader.” And to their surprise, Kim quickly grants them the interview.

Once the CIA steps with a zany assassination plot, the movie goes downhill all the way.

The villain dooming The Interview is the pathetic writing.

Writing funny stuff is extremely hard. And Dan Sterling who wrote the screenplay is clearly not up to the task.

The movie just plods along from one irritating frame to another.

But it’s not as if the movie is completely unfunny.

There are a few cute moments here and there.

Like when Dave boasts on the eve of the interview with Kim: I’ve fucked more women than Ellen Degenerers.

But the funny moments are few and far between.

Although the performances are above par, overall, The Interview is just not worth your time.

If you’re a diehard James Franco or Seth Rogen fan, The Interview is available for streaming on Netflix and Amazon.

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