Why Lila Behn, Mike Patel & Jessie Singh Must Vote for Hillary in NJ

Most New Jersey Indians have no idea they would not be here in our exceptional country, the United States of America, but for the Democratic Party.

Until the mid-1960s, there were lot of restrictions on Asian-Indians migrating to America.

Because of the Democratic Party (and thanks to the heroic work of Emanuel Celler, Philip Hart and Edward Kennedy), the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 was passed.

Hillary Clinton

Two key elements of the 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act were the introduction of Family Re-Unification and the abolition of quotas for UK, Ireland and Germany.

There was some opposition to Family Re-Unification because those White people don’t like our Brown people.

Still, the Democrats fought for Brown people like us to come to America.

And it’s time for NJ desis to show our gratitude to Democrats by voting en masse for Hillary Clinton in the coming U.S. Presidential elections.

What about Bernie Sanders?

Ignore that Socialist. He is a dangerous Communist who will soon take your donut shop, gas station, liquor store and motel and give it to the ‘poor people.’

All Brown people know who ‘those poor people‘ are, don’t we?

By the way, isn’t Socialist just a euphemism for Communist? You know Joseph Stalin, E.M.S.Namboodaripad, Harkishan Singh Surjeet, Jyoti Basu, etc. All dangerously bad people, right?

We need Hillary behn in the White House. Deport Bernie and that Trump rakshas to the outhouse.

Family Re-Unification

Under U.S. immigration law, “Family Re-Unification” allows close family members of U.S. citizens to immigrate here.

This means husband, wife, sons, daughters, father, mother, brothers and sisters and their families can migrate to America if they are sponsored by a family member already living in the United States.

Oak Tree Road Iselin image © sagar.comLittle India on Oak Tree Road Edison / Iselin, NJ

The undeniable truth is that the majority of Indians in New Jersey have come here via the “Family Re-Unification” program.

Very few Indians have high skills or fancy degrees that would place us under the “Exceptional Skills” category for Green Card processing.

Most of us work at motels, donut stores and gas stations/convenience stores and we’re happy to do that.

Your checkout is at 12 PM, sir! Have a Nice Evening, sir!

Cream and sugar in your Coffee, Ma’am? No donut today, Ma’am?

Regular or Premium gas, sir? Full tank, sir?

But for Hitesh Patel and Gurvinder Singh who came to Edison 50 years ago, most of us desis in New Jersey would not be here now.

Hitesh Patel and Gurvinder Singh are our Kunta Kinte (the common ancestor for thousands of Blacks in America).

Hitesh Patel (now Harry) married my aunt Lila Behn from Mehsana and soon brought her to Edison. Lila in turn sponsored her sister Sheela Behn and her husband Mital Patel from Bhavnagar and their five children to America to work in Hitesh bhai’s second motel in Edison. After five years, Mital (now Mike) purchased a fixer-upper motel in Parsippany and sponsored his brother Dinesh Patel from Vadodara…. And so on.

Gurvinder married my cousin Jasvinder from Patiala and brought here soon. After five years, Gurvinder sponsored Satwinder and Rajinder from Ludhiana and their children while Jasvinder (now Jessie) sponsored her youngest sister Sukhwinder (a.k.a. Lajjo) and her husband Joginder and their six children from Amritsar. Sukhwinder and Joginder worked in Gurvinder’s convenience store on Newark Avenue in Jersey City. After six years, Joginder (now Jack) purchased a 7-11 in Parsippany and sponsored his sister Simran Singh and their father Baldev Singh from Chandigarh …. And so on.

That is how we Singhs, Patels and Reddys came to New Jersey. You know, 99.99% of NJ desis did not go to IIT or IIM. We anpadh desis came here through Family Re-Unification.

Without our desi coffee, our desi motel and, of course, our desi Premium gas, New Jersey would collapse in a day.

More Indians Needed

Although we desis have colonized a lot of Middlesex County and Bergen County, it is still depressing that Asian-Indians account for a mere 2% of the New Jersey population.

Keeps me awake many nights, our low numbers in New Jersey.

Only with more Indians in New Jersey, can we get our Patels, Singhs and Reddys into high office in New Jersey.

Vote for Democrats and it won’t be long before our numbers in New Jersey increases to 20%.

Our entire village and town can quickly move to America. No need to go to India every two years when India is already here in New Jersey.

Democratic Party has done so much for the Patels, Singhs, Reddy, Shahs and Mehtas. Now it’s turn to return the favor.

Friends, A Vote for Democratic candidate Hillary behn is a Vote for Faster, Smoother and More Immigration from India to America.

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